Creative Development of Dachan Industrial Heritage

Project Location:Shekou Shenzhen        Floor Area:1,522 sqm                   Regeneration Area:11000sqm  

New Construction Area: 30759sqm          Design Period:2013—2014          Category: Urban design

The whole redevelopment project of DaChan Flour Mills is based on the design concept of minimum alteration. We tried to embed the reflection on fast-growing city in original industrial memory and create unique and highly diversified forms and spaces without undermining the sense of power of uniform industrial buildings. 
Dachan Flour Mills, formerly known as the East(China) Mills established in 1980, is located in the northeast corner of the Prince Bay.Dachan Flour Mills locates at the intersection of old industrial zone and Prince Bay new city planning, which reflects the contradiction of both new & old urban space and new & old buildings.
At the level of urban design, complexity, diversity and flexibility are keywords of our design: to collage the board type ground floor and buildings in different unique characters.