International Planning and Design Competition for Seafront

Project LocationSeafront area of Central, Hong Kong – 3V Metropolis  

Design PeriodAug. 2007    Status: Competition    Category: Urban design


Seafront area of Central, Hong Kong – 3V Metropolis: Vertical, Vital, Vibrating. This design shows how to change the quality of urban life with limited space.

Without being modest, Hong Kong’s skyline deserves to be regarded as something unique in the world. While the skyline at daytime is already eye-catching, the night view can show you all the glamour we could ever dream about Hong Kong Central. The skyline at night is striking, lit by Neon advertisements on top of the high profile buildings, showing the first impression of this city.

The skyline is telling the stories about why most prestigious companies in the world choose Hong Kong as their regional headquarters and so they choose these buildings. Skyscrapers designed by local and international architects stand closely next to each other.

However, there is still plenty of space to improve the skyline of Central and give it the touch of a new millennium. The ground level space is undervalued. What we want to emphasize are the new forms of horizontal park and new landmarks where needed.

Hong Kong---- a space shared by different types of people on a limited land.

Reclamation has come to an end now and the shared space must be used more efficiently.