Nantou Historical Town

Project LocationRedevelopment of Nantou Historical Village 

Design PeriodOct. 2009     Status: Competition    Category: Urban Design

Nantou Historical Village is known as the oldest village in Shenzhen, while the design concept of revitalization implement the space integration of Lingnan culture and historical water culture through the whole urban design of two streets and one park.

The concept of water culture is reflected in two aspects. One is the protection and utilization of the site of the moat. Based on the ecological development and utilization of water environment, the site will be excavated properly as per the park landscape design and exposed to the public under proper protection. The other is that water is an element in creation of city park spaces as per the city park landscape plan and will be reflected as the prototype of water bubbles in the combination of different functional zones in the park and be extended to the pavement of roads. Besides water culture, Lingnan culture is also reflected in the restoration and protection of historical architecture culture and the reshaping of Lingnan historical living spaces and garden landscaping spaces.