Xiaolan Tourism District Planning

Project LocationXiaolan Town, Zhongshan City    Floor Area22ha

Design PeriodOct. 2010     Status: Completed     Category: Urban Design

Therefore, we define our design policy as “penetrating, linking, compacting and intensifying features”. Sightseeing rail cars will be arranged to join the old downtown area, new cities and Binshui area, and to promote the touring industry of Xiaolan town.

The convenient intercity location of the Pearl River Delta Area and the "withdrawing from the secondary industry and giving preferences to the tertiary industry" policy create a favorable environment for the reconstruction of Xiaolan Town Core Commercial Zone.

The planning scope involves the 1km area along the two sides of Xinhua Road, which is in the core space of Xiaolan Commercial Agglomeration. The Plan focuses on reconstructing commercial streets, administrative area, residential communities, industrial area and hotel & recreation area, as well as the construction and improvement of the pedestrian street to enhance the commercial activity of the zone, with due considerations to utilize the historical and cultural elements of Xiaolan Town and the advantageous natural resources of the neighboring Longshan Zone and Xiaolan River.