Yangjiang South Urban Design

Project LocationSouthern district, Yangjiang         Floor Area8000sqm

Design PeriodDec. 2009      Status: Competition   Category: Urban Design

The water tour routes are provided to connect the central leisure are and the Civic Center area.

We intend to connect the urban planning for Southern District of Yangjiang City with the new city of enclosed ecological lake resulted from sea rehabilitation. Making full use of Yangjiang’s policy of expanding to the south and the rich ecological resources, the planning and design constructs a space structure with one center, one road, two axes, four clusters and multiple nodes under the guidance of the urban design strategies of connection, composition, blank, mediation and greening. In addition, to address the existing layout of villages in Yangjiang, the scheme proposes an urban village redevelopment strategy and model, i.e. reserve the natural development mode of this area and renew the building units.