Floating Entrance, Fufa Glass Factory Renovation
Project Location:Shekou Shenzhen            Building Area:existing 620 sqm; new 400 sqm; total 1,020 sqm
Design Period:04.2013-09.2013                  Status: Built            Category: Cultural and Educational

      The design is a completely new mix of approach from both urbanism and tectonics, meanwhile it is also another bold and effective experiment of the new adding upon the old without destroying the existing fabric of the city but enriching the public experience of the city.

In the renovation of the main entrance, the old warehouse that was previously decided to pull down is retained to hopefully integrate with the new entrance form in an organic manner. The new volume is then supported by a new light steel structure grown from the old building with typical concrete frame structure. The new and the old, with similar volume and direct vertical shift, create interesting contrasts of times and technologies. At the meantime, a new public space casually derives from the crack between the new and the old, while the space between the ceiling with semi-reflective folded surface and the old building roof on the “6thfaçade”, as an area defining the “entrance” of the plant, naturally continues the unique chimney shape. The beveled entrance platform guides the pedestrian circulation to the spiral ramp surrounding the chimney downwards and eventually to the ground level of theplant, creating a transitional experience space for visitors. The night lighting in dynamic wavy pattern furthermore creates vague and mystical contrast on a twisted mirror between the new and the old spaces of the “6thfaçade”.
In addition to the structural volume that is similar in form yet different in spirit from the old building, the new building is also provided with a façade enclosed by both metallic curtain and glass skins, which adds lightness and mystery to the building while creating color and material contrasts with the closed façade of the old building.