Wedding Hall
Project Location:Xiangmihu Park, Shenzhen                 Building Area:1500 sqm  
Design Period:2014—2017            Status: Built            Category: Experimental

    Detours of architectural space provide diversified experience and prolong time. They are used to emphasize the solemnity and happiness of wedding ceremony. 

In 21 century, people seem always busy and even the otherwise exciting wedding ceremony can be reduced to a simple procedure of filling a form in half an hour. However, the new Wedding Hall located in Xiangmihu Park will provide the newlyweds not only legal services but also a place for ceremonial and permanent memory.
Time and experience are where we start to design the building. Functions spreads around a pond and form an enclosed space: arrival, waiting, registration, walking through the pond, going up steps, receiving marriage certificate and celebration with relatives and friends. 
We deliberately set roadblocks on route to divorce registration and divorcing couples have to walk through all the spaces for marriage registration before they reach the divorce registration. We expect their psychological response to such an arrangement of route. A flowing public space where people could quickly walk through the site is also designed and together with slopes and bamboo forest, it makes the building possible to be a venue with a third function.