Renovation of Yantian Dameisha Village, Exhibition Hall

Project Location: Dameisha Village, Shenzhen                                                   Building Area: 115sqm    

Design Period: 2017.04-2017.12                            Status: Built                          Category: Cultural & Educational

       As the only new building in Yantian Sub-venue, the Exhibition Hall covers a land area of 800㎡ which is comprised of several abandoned house sites and has a 100㎡ L-shaped residential building in the middle.

      The design concept is derived from the interpretation of the scale of the preserved house and the thoughts on village fabric and space resulting from the size of the house sites. 

      In our design, the whole site is firstly divided into several 100㎡ house sites, each further divided into interior and exterior spaces. The interior spaces and exterior courtyards are arranged into 6 independent yet interconnected exhibition spaces. The intersection and combination of multiple interior and exterior spaces offers a clearly-defined linear circulation in the exhibition spaces and multiple options for visitors to access one same space. In facade design, various floor plans, walls and roofs are combined into six distinctive building forms and multi-level and multi-perspective spaces. Constructed with three materials, i.e., fare-faced concrete, black brick wall and glass facade, the buildings are fully integrated with surrounding village environment while presenting unique features of its own.