International Consultation on the Urban Design of Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port Area

Project Location: Luohu District,Shenzhen                                 Building Area: 158000sqm    

Design Period: 2018.10-2018.12             Status: Competition           Category: Urban Design

Built in the late Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou-Kowloon Railway is the oldest railway in Shenzhen. It was once the lifeblood of trade between Guangdong and Hong Kong. Luohu Railway Station and the port area, which once led the reform and opening up of the whole Luohu District and served as a gateway to connect Hong Kong, boasts significant historical and cultural values. Nowadays, the railway station has seen decreasing transport functions, but at the same time, is meeting a rising opportunity to incorporate urban public functions. As a spiritual icon of Luohu, the railway station is ready for a renewal round the corner.

What kind of new urban space that Luohu really needs?

From Railway Station to Hub City

Diverse Functions:An Integrated City

By integrating urban functional spaces including traffic hubs, sports and culture facilities, retail, offices, residence, market, parks and squares etc., the site is transformed from a monotonous, unorganized and inefficient low land of port economy into a diversified, organized and highly efficient city integrating businesses, life and ecology. 

Multi-level Traffic: An Interconnected City

The previously separated and isolated physical spaces are interconnected in 2D and 3D spaces, and the ideological border can be further woven together for the transition into an organized and interactive urban network. 

Public Platform: An Open City

The inclusive and diverse mindset accumulated in Luohu District over the past 40 years is elaborated and transformed into a more elastic and self-renewing public infrastructure environment.