Gaoyou Urban Design

Project Location: Gaoyou District, Jiangsu                             Building Area: 243000sqm    

Design Period: 2017.04-2018.04       Status:  Complete the Conceptual       Category: Urban Design


Gaoyou is always reminiscent of a slow-paced, comfortable and delicate life in misty drizzle. Yet a huge intact factory compound in such a small city, with its unique spaces and historical traces, offers an opportunity to explore the interrelations between city, space and time.

With respect for place and time as always, we try to embody the thickness of time and layers of space in design. Industrial buildings are preserved and reused, and bestowed with features of the new era through functional replacement and injection. This way, these buildings are transformed into urban courtyards that accommodate the diverse urban life, pay tribute to the heritage and continue the diversity of spaces. The past, present and future are thus integrated to form an integral part of the urban spaces.

Canal: Make Infrastructure Part of the Urban Public Spaces

Historically Yanhe River has been functioning as the transport infrastructure in Gaoyou. Based on its urban and public nature, we will reinterpret and re-construct the canal spaces so that it can be perceived and experienced by the citizens. By creating large open spaces along the river and blurring the original boundary between the canal and the surrounding areas, we incorporate the river a vivid element in urban spaces and the daily life of citizens.